Palinuro and the National Park of Cilento

Palinuro, today UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, is known throughout the world for its natural treasures: the white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, the caves ... but Palinuro is also a strategic base from which to visit many other wonders of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. Discover our proposals and do not hesitate to ask for advice.

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Palinuro...not only sea

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Palinuro caves

35 paradisiacal caves

In one of the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean are scattered numerous caves on the surface, easy to visit with boat trips, and submerged, a veritable paradise for diving passionate. Starting from the famous Grotta Azzurra, famous for its reflections of the backdrop that fuse the sunlight up to create a charming blue color, we have among others the Blood Cave, Cala Fetente and the Cave of the Monks.

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Palinuro beaches

Beaches for everyone

By shallow and sandy to rocky coastline overlooking the sea, from the kilometric sandy beaches to small and secluded hidden bays ... everywhere you will find crystal clear waters. Palinuro is one of the few places in the world where to find types of backgrounds so different, and so close to each other.

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Panoramic trail "Fortini e Torri"

3000 meters of landscape, sports and suggestion

The trail winds along the most extreme peaks of Capo Palinuro. Starting from the Harbour branches off on steep cliffs, natural arches, deep cavities, sinkholes, unique endemic species, emerged and submerged caves which are just some of the treasures that we can admire. A unique place of myths and legends held by the headland of Capo Palinuro. You can make a round trip back to the Harbour by the path of Pineta, a famous location for amateur sports and competitive racers.

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Trekking and Sport

Walking, cycling and extreme sports. (hiking) (MTB)

Natural and historical trails that start from Pisciotta to the Infreschi Bay, via Palinuro and Bulgheria hill. More and more activities followed and practiced in the area are trekking and mountain biking, reaching up to climbing and extreme sports. Palinuro remains a great place for those who love nature and like to keep fit while having fun.

Exploring the Cilento National Park and over

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The Medieval Village of San Severino

Abandoned town of X-XI century


The old town of San Severino is an abandoned medieval village overlooking the valley of the Mingardo river, which here digs a narrow gorge called Devil's Throat. Dates back to the X-XI century and retains traces of different historical periods up to the twentieth century, preserving the ruins of a magnificent castle and a church, still used for ceremonies. The famous "Living Nativity" held for several years in the village, attended by the citizenship of the country. About 10 km from the residence.

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Cala Bianca

The most beautiful beach in Italy


Already named the most beautiful of the Italian beaches in 2013, Cala Bianca is a natural spectacle that fascinates and seduces. Small white sand beach surrounded by wild vegetation, set in the Cilento coast, is the undisputed queen defined unique and inimitable, an earthly paradise, a beach where you can find calm and peace, one of the most beautiful places where you can swim Cilento. About 15 km from the residence, it is possible reach it by boat or via a steep trail.

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The archaeological site of Elea-Velia

The archaeological site of the Magno-Greek colony of 540 BC

The ancient city of Elea was founded around 540 BC by a group of exiles from the Greek city of Phocaea, in modern Turkey, occupied by the Persians. The city, known in the V century. especially the figures of Parmenides and Zeno, founder of the famous Eleatic school of philosophy, reaches a period of great development in the Hellenistic period and largely Roman age (end of IV BC - V century AD.), when its name is changed in Velia. The architectural structures of the ancient city are immersed in a vast area of Mediterranean vegetation and lush green olive groves constituting a splendid combination of archeology and nature. About 25 km from the residence.

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WWF oasis "Gole del Bussento"

Caves and natural park.

The WWF oasis "Gole del Bussento" is one of the most important conservation projects of WWF Italy and represents the practical support in defense of territory and natural biodiversity. Founded in 1985, it covers an area of 607 hectares. It is an oasis of fauna protection, subject to landscape and hydrogeological. It is equipped with a nature trail and picnic area to visit the famous caves of Morigerati. At about 47 km from the residence.

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The Charterhouse of Padula

The oldest Charterhouse of Campania region.

The Chartreuse of Padula, or Saint Lorenzo, is a Carthusian monastery located in Padula, in the Vallo di Diano national park, in the province of Salerno. This is the first Carthusian monastery to be kind in Campania, anticipating the one of Saint Martino of Napoli and Saint Giacomo in Capri. At about 66 km from the residence.

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Castelcivita caves

A natural wonder in a dreamlike environment.

Castelcivita Caves are a complex karst cavities located in the Campania town of Castelcivita, in the province of Salerno. They are particularly rich in stalactites and stalagmites of a thousand shapes. Available different levels of paths and excursions, from the tourist to the speleologic. At about 88 km from the residence.

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The archaeological site of Paestum

The ancient Poseidonia.

Founded by the Greeks around 600 a.E.V., initially called Poseidonia by Poseidon, or Neptune, god of the sea, to which the city had been dedicated. Between 400 and 273 BC It was occupied by the Italic population of Lucan. In 273 he became a Roman colony under the name of Paestum. The rediscovery of Paestum dates back to 1762, when it was built the modern road that runs through its land. Famous for its majestic Doric temples, declared UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE . In 2013, excavations and museum of Paestum was the twenty-fourth most visited site of the Italian State, with 242,218 visitors and a total gross income of € 733,802.87. At about 66 km from the residence.


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